Pet Wellness Report

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Pet Wellness Report Program

Pet Wellness Report® is an innovative communication and
educational system that works in concert with veterinary clinics to
enhance the information exchange between the veterinarian, clinic staff,
and the pet owner. The primary vehicle for this communication is the
patent pending Pet Wellness Report®, which is delivered electronically to your
clients. The report is privately labeled for each clinic.

Pet owners will view their Pet Wellness Report with your clinic’s letterhead prominently displayed, and the report references your clinic throughout. The lifestyle questions are designed to educate and enlighten your clients in optimal pet care and will refer them back to your clinic for health issues they observe in their pet. Some of these issues may have been subclinical or unobservable in the regular annual checkup process.

Pet Wellness Report provides laboratory health screens and lifestyle information from pet owners to generate a consumer-friendly report specific to the individual pet. Pet owners have overwhelmingly endorsed the Pet Wellness Report and have expressed their appreciation for the increased information and opportunity to provide better care for their pet. Companion animals’ overall wellness is enhanced by the Pet Wellness Report through an improved standard of veterinary care. Our program provides a focus on prevention, education, and wellness.

Each Pet Wellness Report allows the pet owner to evaluate the lifestyle condition of their pet. The results are not affected by the laboratory analysis in any way. The pet’s evaluation comes strictly from the pet owner’s answers to the questions and not from your laboratory analysis. The laboratory results are partially reported to the pet owner, but they are for reference only.

The questions in the report have been extensively reviewed by our veterinary advisory staff and are based on health recommendations supported by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and other industry groups.

Your clients’ Pet Wellness Reports are available online from anywhere in the world, wherever and whenever access to the Internet is available.

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